Watch Our Customer Jacob Interviewed on the Swedish National TV

We’re thrilled to share an inspiring update from one of our dedicated customers, Jacob, whose experience was recently featured on Swedish national agriculture television.

A Transformative Year for Jacob

Since early April, Jacob has been utilizing our advanced drone-deployed system at his farm. This technological intervention has marked a significant turnaround from last year, where he faced devastating losses—nearly 90% of his harvest was destroyed by geese. This year, thanks to our innovative solution, Jacob’s crops are thriving, showcasing exceptional results in wildlife management.

Collaborative Efforts for Advanced Solutions

This project is a collaborative success, spearheaded by HushĂ„llningssĂ€llskapet Halland under the leadership of HĂ„kan Cajander, with vital contributions from HH Innovation AB and generous support from Jordbruksverket. Together, we’re demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can redefine traditional farming challenges.

From Despair to Hope: A Journey of Innovation

Jacob’s journey from facing severe wildlife damage to embracing a solution that works is a beacon of hope for many farmers. With the FLOX Robotics system, he has not only seen immediate benefits but is also paving the way for sustainable farming practices.

”The damage was difficult to estimate, but in some fields, it has reached 90% or more,” Jacob recalls. His previous attempts with other solutions were temporary and largely ineffective. However, with FLOX Robotics, the morning after deployment witnessed a significant change. ”It’s very exciting to continue with this and work with new technology,” Jacob shares with enthusiasm.

A Sustainable Future with FLOX Robotics

Our commitment at FLOX Robotics extends beyond immediate results. We aim to provide sustainable, effective solutions that reduce the environmental impact and promote coexistence with nature. Our technology promises not just a temporary fix but a long-term strategy for managing wildlife interactions with agriculture.

Jacob’s story is just the beginning. As we continue to expand our reach and enhance our technology, we look forward to supporting more farmers and stakeholders in achieving sustainable productivity and coexistence with wildlife.

Watch the full interview with Jacob here.

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