Coexistence with Wildlife.

We turn what was previously a human-wildlife conflict to a new way of managing and protecting natural resources in shared landscapes.


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Our Results

As of April 2022, we started testing FLOX’s OH-1 solution (our Oden base station with our Hugin drone) at a variety of customer (landowners and farmers) locations resulting in the following test results:

Nightly patrolling

So far since April 2022, our Hugin drone has performed ~200 hours of night flight tests, patrolling ~200 hectares of land in Sweden.

Wildlife Mapping

Our OH-1 solution so far registered a grand total of 414 wildlife sightings with the dominant species being Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus).

Repellence Efficiency

We have been testing our Ultrasound Emitter Device (UED) designed to repel wildlife in an animal-friendly way, with very encouraging initial results with close to 90% repellence efficiency.

Key Areas

We develop solutions that benefit both the animals and local human communities, especially in the following areas:

Protecting Cultivated Fields in Agriculture

Damage by wild animals to cultivated fields is the main cause of profit-loss for farmers in Europe, causing an average loss of 20 % of harvests.

Protecting Young Forest and Reforestation

Planting trees is an economically viable solution to combat the climate crisis. However, in Sweden alone wild animals destroy small new planted trees worth 1.2 billion EUR every year.

Inventory and Mapping

There is a need for better wildlife mapping in certain areas. Wildlife-vehicle collisions with trains and cars also cause invaluable harm to animals and humans worldwide. The total yearly costs of railway accidents with wildlife in Europe is estimated at about 2.5 billion EUR.

The Future of Wildlife Management

Our Solution

Subscription-based service in form of computer vision and adaptive ultrasounds tailor-made to various animal species mounted on fully autonomous drones.

Animal detection

Our drones patrol the field day and night and detect wild animals inside the field and nearby.

Species identification

We classify the animal species using machine vision algorithms.

Tailor-made repelling

We guide wild animals and keep them away from the area with tailor-made adaptive repellents.

Data analysis and statistics

All the events are recorded and analysed to discover patterns in animal behaviour and provide statistics on wildlife in the area.


We send notifications through our own app about what happens in the field.

Remote assistance

We ensure safety through our own drone fleet management system built for autonomous beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights.

How it Works

01. Choose service

Choose the service that most suit your needs

02. System deployed

We set up our drones to your field (on-demand, subscription)

03. Field protected

Let our systems detect the animals and repel them

04. Stay informed

Get information in our app anytime, anywhere

We focus on damage prevention.


We are more than mitigation. We prevent damages and provide continuous learning and data-based insight to accurately verify damage and the animal species involved. We utilize this data to better prevent conflicts in the future.


Get site-specific information. Our drones act as an extended hand of any landowner. We help you to  trace the animal  species involved in an incident. This streamlines the verification process for insurance schemes and wildlife conservationists who need accurate and reliable data.


Measurable success. Our insights help you to create a clear and measurable objective, lower your costs and lower your carbon print. Our data helps to adequately measure progress and assess impact, and adapt human-wildlife conflict related crises.


Looking after our planet


Feeding a growing population


Coexisting with wildlife

Our Team

Sára Nožková

CEO - Co-founder

Experienced in leading business and innovation development for emerging technologies. Specialized in future Autonomous Air Mobility systems and socially-beneficial use of drones. Master of Science in Sustainable Development and International relations.

Matteo Tadiello

CPO - Co-founder

PhD researcher in Safe and Reliable Autonomous Systems at Royal Institute of Technology KTH, with background in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. Specialized in autonomous UAVs and multiple agents coordinations.

Marco Moletta

CTO - Co-founder

PhD researcher in Robotics at Royal Institute of Technology KTH, with background in Industrial Engineering. Specialized in mechatronics systems and path planning for autonomous UAVs.

Joon Knapen


Extensive experience in leading marketing & communications teams. Specialized in building purpose-driven positionings that inspire customer loyalty, protect reputation, assert investor confidence, nurture employee engagement, and propel thought-leadership recognition.

Simone Vaianella

Animal Scientist

Background in Natural Sciences, Behavioral Monitoring and Wildlife Management. Specialized in animal biology, behavioral studies, ecological surveys and natural reports.

Magnus Isenberg

Growth & Sales

Extensive experience in building Sales and Customer Satisfaction functions with a strong track-record of bringing AI , that solves important real-world problems, to market. He also manages, a Sweden based machine learning agency.

Kishore Kumar

Autonomous Systems Engineer

Background in Embedded Systems, Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Specialized in Electronics, Communication Engineering, Autonomous Systems and ICT Innovation. Alumni of the MIT Robotics Association.

Sihan Sun

UX/UI Designer

Background in Human Computer Interaction and Design with a broad experience in User Research, User Experience Design, Information Visualization, Multimodal interaction, and Web Development, and currently doing her Master Thesis on ‘Designing a User Interface for a Fleet Management System of Multiple Drones’.

Our mission

The world is changing. Today, we live in highly transformed landscape in a planet with a biodiversity crisis. Around the world, as human population continues to expand, and natural wild places are reduced, people and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food.


It might be wild boars destroying crops in Sweden, elephants in India eating pineapples, European bears and wolves killing livestock or elk collisions with trains in Norway. The problem is universal and is bad news for all concerned. The impacts are worth billions and increasing each year due to climate change and deforestation. People lose their crops and livestock and therefore a source of income and food security, property, and sometimes their lives. The animals, some of which are already threatened or even endangered, are sometimes killed in retaliation or to prevent future conflicts. The effects of climate change are expected to make the problem worse if we do not act now.


FLOX started no longer after seeing the human-wildlife conflict and damages caused by wild animals with our own eyes in the farms of our relatives. We decided to start Flox in order to support stakeholders in the areas of agriculture, forestry and infrastructure that want to adopt sustainable, cost-effective solutions for coexistence with wildlife that leads to everything from increased agricultural production by preventing food loss to collision avoidance with vehicles.


Using Flox results in saved costs, increased yields and local value capture for a variety of stakeholders. We help you to sustain certain human livelihoods and preserve particular species at the same timeWe are on a mission to restore the balance and provide mutually-beneficial solutions that benefit both the animals and local human communities.


We started off in 2020 and since then we have developed, tested and validated our solution together with various farmers, landowners and researchers all over Europe.

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