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At FLOX Robotics, we reimagine landscapes where humans and wildlife thrive together. Transforming human-wildlife conflicts into coexistence, we design, develop and deploy autonomous cutting-edge technologies for Wildlife management as a Service (WMaaS) to keep wild animals away from areas where they are not supposed to be.

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Biodiversity Crisis

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Today, we live in highly transformed landscape in a planet with a biodiversity crisis. Around the world, as human population continues to expand, and natural wild places are reduced, people and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food. Whether it’s wild boars eating crops in Sweden, collisions between elks and trains in Norway, bird-strikes at airports, or elephants feasting on pineapples in India, the consequences are universal and dire.

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Our success is intricately woven with the stories of our valued customers. Each customer case is a testament to the collaborative journey we embark on, addressing unique challenges and delivering tailored solutions.

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Easy Installation

We handle setup and maintenance.

Innovative Tech

The combination of AI, robotics, wild animal expertise and signals tailor-made to the various species makes our solution the most effective on the market.

Efficiency Redefined With Autonomous Solutions

Our systems are reliable and autonomous and do not require manual piloting or supervision in the fields.


Cover large areas with a click on a button. Get information about everything that happens in your field in our app anytime, anywhere.


We analyze the impact of our systems on local wildlife and estimate how much money and CO2 you have spared based on the application.

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