Helping humans and wildlife coexist.

At FLOX Robotics, we reimagine landscapes where humans and wildlife thrive together. Transforming human-wildlife conflicts into coexistence, we design, develop and deploy autonomous cutting-edge technologies for Wildlife management as a Service (WMaaS) to keep wild animals away from areas where they are not supposed to be.

                                 Success Stories



Beaches free of canada geese in City of Stockholm

Zero bird-strikes at Malmö Airport

Preserving crops from fallow deer and boars at Boo Egendom

Preserving crops at Ekolsund Slott

Protecting vineyards against starlings in Southern Sweden

Elk and deer kept away from Nelson & Silver Creek Farms

Preventing wild boar damage to crops in Knäred

Saving baby deer before harvest at Fallnäs Gård

Deer management in Södermanland

Avoiding train collisions with elk and deer in Sweden and Norway

Avoiding car collisions with reindeers in Northern Sweden

Preserving crops from geese, crows and seagulls in Halland

       Our Offerings

FLOXdrone Demonstration

Witness the future of wildlife management with our FLOXdrone demonstration. Experience regular autonomous patrolling missions that use AI to detect animal species. The dock-based drone employs real-time herding techniques, ensuring instant wildlife notifications and comprehensive reports. See firsthand how our technology safeguards your environment during a week-long trial.

FLOXdrone Subscription

Elevate wildlife management with FLOXdrone subscription. Enjoy using a dock-based drone with autonomous patrolling day and night, driven by cutting-edge AI. Our drones identify animal species and apply tailored repelling signals in real time, guiding wildlife away from sensitive areas. Stay informed through our web app, receiving detailed wildlife reports with statistics and predictions.

FLOXfixed Subscription

Harness the power of stationary FLOX units for compact areas. These AI-enabled devices work independently or in a network, detecting wildlife and identifying species. Utilizing specialized repelling sounds, they maintain efficient control. With 3G/4G connectivity and over-the-air updates, achieve long-term effectiveness in wildlife management.

Introducing FLOX

Why Choose FLOX?

🚀 Easy Installation

We handle setup and maintenance.

💡 Innovative Tech

The combination of AI, robotics, wild animal expertise and signals tailor-made to the various species makes our solution the most effective on the market.

⏱️ Efficiency Redefined with Autonomous Solutions

Our systems are reliable and autonomous and do not require manual piloting or supervision in the fields.


Cover large areas with a click on a button. Get information about everything that happens in your field in our app anytime, anywhere.

🌍 Eco-Friendly

We analyze the impact of our systems on local wildlife and estimate how much money and CO2 you have spared based on the application.

Customer Testimonials

I was impressed by the results of the drone. I am definitely interested in the FLOX service, especially when it is fully autonomous. That will be a game-changer for many of us farmers who deal with wildlife damages on a daily basis. They cost us at least 400 000 kr each year, and they are increasing.”

– Peter Aronsson, Farm Manager at Boo Egendom AB.



“We see FLOX’s technology as a valuable addition to our existing wildlife control measures. It allows us to effectively track and deter birds but also other wildlife from the airport premises, providing an enhanced level of safety. Moreover, the ability to identify areas where wildlife congregates enables us to target our protective measures more precisely. FLOX’s solution offers great potential in minimizing bird-strikes and ensuring the safety of our operations.”

– Fredrik Wihlborg, Safety Revisor Swedavia Malmö Airport.




“I walk here every day, and I notice a significant difference. Just a few days ago, there were many canada geese, and it looked like the water was a pool made for them. But now they are completely gone, and there are no more droppings. It’s fantastic and works so well.” – says Ingrid Skinner, Stockholm resident who was interviewed by the national TV Morgonstudion SVT.



Target Areas



Maximizing crop production

Protecting young forest

Coexistence in public spaces

Coexistence at golf courses

Avoiding wildlife-strikes at airports

Avoiding wildlife collisions with trains

Avoiding wildlife collisions with cars

Large-scale wildlife species mapping & counting

Protecting livestock against predators

Protecting birds nearby wind energy parks

Saving baby deer during harvesting

Biodiversity protection



We’re always looking for top talent to join our team, or interesting projects where our technologies can help. You can reach out to us by e-mailing to [email protected].

Sara Nozkova

CEO | Co-founder

Sebastian Wallman

CTO & Co-founder

Marco Moletta

Robotics | Co-founder

Matteo Tadiello

AI & Automation | Co-founder

Daniel Bergström

Embedded Systems

Hansini Vithanage


Magnus Isenberg

Growth & Sales

Tomas Hjort

Chairman of the Board


Happiness Manager


Happiness Manager

Our Misssion


⚠️ Today, we live in highly transformed landscape in a planet with a biodiversity crisis. Around the world, as human population continues to expand, and natural wild places are reduced, people and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food.Whether it’s wild boars eating crops in Sweden, collisions between elks and trains in Norway, bird-strikes at airports, or elephants feasting on pineapples in India, the consequences are universal and dire. This has already come at a huge cost to the planet’s biodiversity. In the last 50,000 years – and as humans settled in regions around the world – wild mammal biomass has declined by 85%. As humans continue to expand their territories, the pristine habitats of many animals are under siege. 87.7% of species are projected to lose habitat to agricultural expansion by 2050 – with 1,280 species projected to lose ≥25% of their habitat.


🛸FLOX Robotics designs, develops, and deploys technologies for Wildlife management as a Service (WMaaS). Our core technologies include AI to detect animal species, robotics to enable drones to herd wildlife from areas where they are not supposed to be, paired with wildlife expertise to apply multi-species signals tailor-made to real-time wildlife behavior.


🚀FLOX’s mission is to re-engineer the way we interact with wildlife world-wide by positioning dock-based autonomous drones equipped with FLOX technologies in agricultural fields, young tree plantations, public spaces, golf courses, airports, alongside transportation infrastructure and at other places where we need to re-define boundaries to coexist with various wildlife species.


🌎Looking ahead, FLOX envisions a world where traditional methods like fences and protective hunting become obsolete, replaced by its innovative technologies powered by renewable energy sources. This transformative ecosystem, where FLOX technologies are integrated into various platforms – be it autonomous drones, stationary devices, or even trains – embodies a future where humanity feeds its ever-growing population without encroaching on wildlands, where technology ensures that human expansion doesn’t come at the expense of the wild. Through its unwavering commitment and pioneering solutions, FLOX Robotics is not only addressing the imminent challenges of today but is also crafting a harmonious future for generations to come.



🏆  Prizes & Recognitions

  • The 5 Top Drone Startups To Watch Globally in 2022 by StartUs Insights
  • CEO Sara Nozkova amongst Top 10 innovative entrepreneurs by ÅFors Foundation
  • Founders featured on the “Årets 103 unga idéer 2022” list by Företagarna
  • SKAPA innovation prize winner in Stockholm County 2022
  • Prince Daniel Fellowship award nominee
  •  CEO Sara Nozkova amongst nominees for “Årets Nybyggare 2022” by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf
  •  Top Swedish tech startups & scaleups founded and led by women by Swedish Tech News
  • Top 6 Impact Startups within animal welfare by Impact Shakers
  • “World’s Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEOs of 2023” by Technology Innovators Magazine
  • 100+ Swedish Climate Tech Startups To Know by Climate Heck 2023
  • Finalists in Techarenan Challenge 2023 Nordic Startup of the Year 2023
  • Top 100 Startups to Watch in Sweden 2023 by The Sweden Tech Ecosystem

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