Coexistence with Wildlife. Reimagined.

We provide tailored and easy to set-up autonomous drone solutions for Agriculture, Forestry, and Infrastructure.

Join our Early Adopter Program!

FLOX is now available through an Early Adopter Program: during a set period, farmers included in the program can benefit from all existing features and influence the future developments. For a small contribution, you will benefit from our solution and will be part of the start of something unique.

Early adopters program

Powerful protection against wild animals

The first of its kind

Protecting crops

On average, 15% of the yield is lost due to wild animal damage. Current methods are costly and inefficient as animals adapt to them.

Data collection & Analysis

We deliver information about the wild animals in your field and generate insights including analysis and predictions.

Stay updated

Our drones cover large areas and inform you about all events in real time.


Our drones can be tailored to the farmers individual needs, focusing on the following applications


Our drones patrol the field day and night and detect wild animals inside the field and nearby.


We classify the animal species.


We repel the wild animals from your field and keep them away.

Data Analysis

All the events are recorded and analysed to discover patterns in animal behaviour

How it Works

01. Choose service

Choose the service that most suit your needs

02. Drone deployed

We set up our drones to your field (on-demand, subscription)

03. Field protected

Let our systems detect the animals and repel them

04. Stay informed

Get information in our app anytime, anywhere

Our Solution

Our drones act as an extended hand of any farmer. We use a unique combination of the latest technology including artificial intelligence, deep learning and robotics to provide a complete and personalized solution to your field.

  • Completely Autonomous Service

  • Weather Proof

  • Self-Charging

  • Tailor-Made Adaptive Ultrasounds

  • Build-in Connectivity

  • Efficient & Sustainable

  • No Fixed Installation

  • Focus on Growth

We Believe in Sustainable Agriculture

We use technology as a tool to create a more efficient and sustainable agriculture and allow farmers to focus on growth. Our mission is to tackle the damages to crops caused by wild animals, which is today one of the main reasons for profit loss in the agricultural sector world-wide.

Our Team

Sára Nožková

Sára Nožková

CEO - Co-founder

Extensive experience in leading business and innovation development for emerging technologies. Specialized in future mobility systems, autonomous vehicles, and drones.

Matteo  Tadiello

Matteo Tadiello

CPO - Co-founder

PhD researcher in Safe and Reliable Autonomous Systems, with background in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. Specialized in autonomous UAVs and multiple agents coordinations.

Marco Moletta

Marco Moletta

CTO - Co-founder

PhD researcher in Robotics, with background in Industrial Engineering. Specialized in mechatronics systems and path planning for autonomous UAVs.

Massimo Girondi

Massimo Girondi

Technical Director

PhD researcher in Network systems, with background in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering. Happy Linux user and expert in hardware development.

Our Story

FLOX started no longer after seeing the damages caused by wild animals with our own eyes in the farms of our relatives. Wild boar damages are so bad that in Central Italy many farmers have been forced to abandon massive areas of fertile ground. However, soon we found out that this is a global problem. The number of wild boars and deers is increasing drastically in Sweden. They destroy and ruin every field they enter and 8 out of 10 Swedish farmers are facing this problem. In the worst cases, animals are destroying 80-90% of the fields. Traditional methods such as fences and smell repellents are not enough anymore. Hunters are facing several difficulties in containing the animal population. The damages are today one of the major reasons of profit loss for farmers world-wide. The estimated damage cost in Europe is hundreds of millions of EUR (20 million EUR per year only in Southern Sweden) and about 1,5 billion dollars in North America. The responsible species depend on both the type of cultivation and the geographic area, but in general, the ones that cause the most damage are roe deer and wild boar. We knew we could solve the problem by combining the latest technology and our skill sets. We started off in 2020 and since then we have developed, tested and validated our solution together with various farmers and researchers all over Sweden.

People We Work With