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Solutions to Prevent Biodiversity Crisis


Today, we live in highly transformed landscape in a planet with a biodiversity crisis. Around the world, as human population continues to expand, and natural wild places are reduced, people and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food. Whether it’s wild boars eating crops in Sweden, collisions between elks and trains in Norway, bird-strikes at airports, or elephants feasting on pineapples in India, the consequences are universal and dire. This has already come at a huge cost to the planet’s biodiversity. In the last 50,000 years – and as humans settled in regions around the world – wild mammal biomass has declined by 85%. As humans continue to expand their territories, the pristine habitats of many animals are under siege. 87.7% of species are projected to lose habitat to agricultural expansion by 2050 – with 1,280 species projected to lose ≥25% of their habitat.

Wildlife Management as a Service

What We Do and the Technology

FLOX Robotics designs, develops, and deploys technologies for Wildlife management as a Service (WMaaS). Our core technologies include AI to detect animal species, robotics to enable drones to herd wildlife from areas where they are not supposed to be, paired with wildlife expertise to apply multi-species signals tailor-made to real-time wildlife behavior.

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Re-Engineer Wildlife World-Wide

Our Mission

FLOX’s mission is to re-engineer the way we interact with wildlife world-wide by positioning dock-based autonomous drones equipped with FLOX technologies in agricultural fields, young tree plantations, public spaces, golf courses, airports, alongside transportation infrastructure and at other places where we need to re-define boundaries to coexist with various wildlife species.

Career Within Cutting-Edge Technology

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Innovative Technologies Powered by Renewable Energy Sources

A Transformative Ecosystem

Looking ahead, FLOX envisions a world where traditional methods like fences and protective hunting become obsolete, replaced by its innovative technologies powered by renewable energy sources. This transformative ecosystem, where FLOX technologies are integrated into various platforms – be it autonomous drones, stationary devices, or even trains – embodies a future where humanity feeds its ever-growing population without encroaching on wildlands, where technology ensures that human expansion doesn’t come at the expense of the wild. Through its unwavering commitment and pioneering solutions, FLOX Robotics is not only addressing the imminent challenges of today but is also crafting a harmonious future for generations to come.

Our Proud Prizes and Recognitions Within Wildlife Management

Prizes & Recognitions

Experienced Team Within Wildlife Management

Our Team

We’re always looking for top talent to join our team, or interesting projects where our technologies can help. You can reach out to us by e-mailing to [email protected].

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Sara Nozkova

CEO | Co-founder

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Tomas Becklin

CTO | Co-founder

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Anna Widen

Chief Wildlife Officer

Kristoffer Ohlson

Kristoffer Ohlsson

Chief Commercial Officer


Marco Moletta

Robotics Lead | Co-founder

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Daniel Bergström

Embedded Systems Architect

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Kishore Kumar

Robotics Engineer


Koray Amico Kulbay

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Engineer


Casper Augustsson

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Engineer

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Tomas Hjort

Chairman of the Board

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Happiness Manager

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Happiness Manager

Flox Robotics Wild Boar

Flox Robotics

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2021, FLOX Robotics has concentrated on managing Nordic species, particularly ungulates such as wild boar, elk, roe deer, reindeer, and fallow deer. We also focus on birds like canada geese, white-cheeked geese, doves, and crows, as well as mammals like foxes and rabbits. These species are the most prevalent in the Nordics, the EU, and North America. If you’re dealing with a different species, our solutions may still be applicable, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized approach!

Our technology is designed to be non-invasive and humane. We use AI-driven systems that minimize disturbance to wildlife while effectively managing their movements. Our systems are tested rigorously to ensure they do not harm animals while achieving the desired management goals.

Absolutely! Our solutions are highly adaptable and can be customized to suit various environmental conditions and geographical terrains. We understand that every area has its unique challenges and tailor our approach to meet those specific needs.

Yes, our technology is versatile and can be deployed effectively in both rural agricultural areas and urban landscapes. We adjust our solutions based on the specific challenges and requirements of the area to provide the most effective wildlife management service.

To engage our services, simply contact us through our website or customer service line. We will discuss your specific needs, conduct an initial assessment, and provide a tailored solution that aligns with your wildlife management goals.

FLOX Robotics employs a blend of advanced technology and animal psychology to ensure animals do not become accustomed to our deterrent methods. Our systems use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify different species, allowing us to tailor the deterrence approach uniquely for each animal. By varying the scare tactics based on the species and specific situation, we create a dynamic and unpredictable environment that effectively minimizes the risk of habituation long-term.

The coverage area of our products is optimized to offer effective wildlife management for various locations. While exact specifications may vary with each model, a typical FLOXfixed unit covers an area within a 100-degree angle and up to 30 meters in distance. However, the impact of our system extends beyond this immediate detection zone. The sound emitted by our units travels over longer distances, influencing wildlife even beyond the direct range of the device. A typical FLOXherd coverage depends on the drone model that the system is mounted on. Today, the system is compatible with DJI Matrice 30 that has average flight time of around 40 minutes and can cover a 7 km radius. 

One of the unique strengths of the Flox system is its species-specific deterrence capability. Our AI technology is adept at identifying various species captured in its field of vision. Based on this identification, the system intelligently decides which deterrent sound to deploy. This means that the system can be configured to avoid activating when certain species, such as specific birds or smaller animals, are detected. This level of discernment ensures that our wildlife management practices are both effective and respectful to the ecological balance.

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