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Spela videoklipp

FLOX & Boo Egendom

The burgeoning fallow deer population has emerged as a major challenge for European farmers. FLOX ensured crop protection with 2,016 fallow deer and wild boar herded in a week at Boo Egendom Farm, showcasing an impressive average efficiency rate of 87.31%.

FLOX & Swedavia Malmö Airport

Preventing bird-strikes with airplanes and ensuring safer operations at the highest bird dense airport in Sweden. 100% efficiency on various bird species and hares.

Spela videoklipp
Spela videoklipp

FLOX & City of Stockholm

Managing canada geese and white-cheeked geese at three of the most geese-densed public beaches in Stockholm. More than 500 geese herded to natural habitats and beaches kept clean and open to public.

FLOX & Swedavia Kiruna Airport

Preventing wildlife-strikes with airplanes and ensuring safer operations in harsh Nordic winter conditions at Kiruna Airport in Sweden.

Spela videoklipp

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Beaches free of canada geese in City of Stockholm
Zero bird-strikes at Malmö Airport
Preserving crops from fallow deer and boars at Boo Egendom
Preserving crops at Ekolsund Slott
Protecting vineyards against starlings in Southern Sweden
Elk and deer kept away from Nelson & Silver Creek Farms
Preventing wild boar damage to crops in Knäred
Saving baby deer before harvest at Fallnäs Gård
Deer management in Södermanland
Avoiding train collisions with elk and deer in Sweden and Norway
Avoiding car collisions with reindeers in Northern Sweden
Preserving crops from geese, crows and seagulls in Halland

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