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The World’s First Wildlife Management Subscription Service


FLOXFixed is our advanced stationary solution for wildlife deterrence. After several years of research and testing, FLOXFixed is the result of a groundbreaking innovation that unites cutting-edge wildlife knowledge with machine learning in a fully autonomous solution. FLOXFixed has proven to be an effective solution for protecting areas from wild animals in a humane manner.

Key Benefits of Choosing FLOXFixed

Why FLOXFixed?

FLOXFixed is the future way to protect sensitive areas from wildlife and birds. By using advanced artificial intelligence, FLOXFixed identifies different animal species and applies scare signals tailored to each species. This allows us to offer an effective solution that keeps wild animals away from where they’re not supposed to be. Species we’ve seen good results with include wild boar, Canada geese, blackbirds and various types of deer such as moose, red deer, reindeer, roe deer and fallow deer.

FLOXFixed can work independently or together in a system with multiple devices communicating with each other. Each unit can detect wildlife, identify the species, and use species-specific sounds to achieve the best deterrent effect – around the clock, in all weathers. You have full control of each device through 3G/4G connection.

Our system is completely harmless to both humans and animals. We offer a complete solution that makes it possible to protect areas from wildlife damage in an effective AND animal-friendly way.

You receive a detailed wildlife report with statistics and videos. This is a fully automated feature that gives you insights into wildlife activity and helps you make wise decisions.

FloxFixed can be used to perform species mapping and monitor biodiversity using our advanced statistics, thus enabling biodiversity reporting.

Key Benefits of Choosing FLOXFixed
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The Process of the FLOXFixed Work

How Does It Work?

FLOXHerd Subscription - Early Adopter Offer 2024

The Futuristic Sheep Dog for Wildlife Management

This system can be mounted on a drone and gives it the ability to act as a sheepdog – automatically patrolling designated area, detecting wildlife with help of artificial intelligence, classifying species and thanks to robotics-enabled maneuvers automatically herd selected animal species away from the area – a similar approach that sheepdogs use today.

The system has a built-in automatic system to enable easy use. The system will autonomously patrol the area that has been selected, and with its AI vision system, it can identify wild animals that are within the area. Upon detection, the animal species is identified and based on the detection, a unique deterrent sound predefined by the FLOX system is automatically applied. The system can handle moderate amounts of both rain, snow and wind and can work day and night.

Drone with AI vision scaring away deer at field.
A hand holding on to a DJI M3T drone.
Daylight picture of a herd.
A nightvision picture. Herding at night.

FLOXHerd Payload System - Now Compatible with DJI M30T Drone

Product Details

Our FLOXHerd Payload for wildlife inventory and herding is now compatible with the DJI M3T drone. The FLOXHerd Payload offers a seamless plug-and-play solution that seamlessly combines with the DJI M30T and the DJI Dock, empowering you to excel in tasks where wildlife monitoring and management are key. This integration brings a new level of efficiency, safety, and precision to your wildlife management activities.

With the FLOXHerd Payload for DJI M30T and DJI Dock, you can expect:

Auto Patrolling, Species Detection, and Real-Time Updates


Drone footage showing area patrolling over field.

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