Providing Comprehensive, Real-time Data to Support Environmental Stewardship and Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Inventory as a Service

Empowering Conservation with Advanced AI-Driven Solutions

Innovative Offering - Wildlife Inventory

At FLOX Robotics, we’re proud to introduce our innovative offering – Wildlife Inventory as a Service. This state-of-the-art service is designed to revolutionize the way we understand and manage wildlife populations.

Leveraging advanced AI technology and drone capabilities, we provide comprehensive, real-time data to support environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation.

Daylight picture of a herd.

Gathering Detailed Insights into Wildlife Populations and their Habitats

About Wildlife Inventory as a Service

Wildlife Inventory as a Service is an AI-driven, drone-based system that gathers detailed insights into wildlife populations and their habitats. This service utilizes the full potential of our cutting-edge solutions to offer extensive wildlife species mapping over large areas. Our advanced technologies enable an unparalleled approach to understanding and preserving wildlife populations in various environments.

This solution transcends traditional wildlife tracking methods. Our goal is to provide landowners, wildlife organizations, conservationists, and researchers with accurate, real-time data about wildlife species and their ecosystems. This fosters informed decision-making for effective environmental management and wildlife conservation.

Powered by Sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithms

How does it work?

Our service is executed by our professionals using FLOX-equipped drones that traverse extensive areas to track and monitor wildlife populations. These drones are outfitted with both thermal and RGB cameras, powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, allowing them to accurately identify and classify a wide range of wildlife species. Our uniquely developed methods for wildlife inventory cover vast territories, offering a comprehensive view of wildlife distribution and density.

A nightvision picture. Herding at night.
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Benefits of Choosing FLOX Robotics for Wildlife Inventory

Why FLOX Wildlife Inventory?

Join the Future of Wildlife Monitoring

Embrace the future of wildlife monitoring with FLOX Robotics’ Wildlife Inventory as a Service – a significant step forward in preserving our planet’s rich biodiversity. Contact us to learn how our innovative solutions can assist in your wildlife conservation efforts.