Newsletter July 2021

Published: November 22, 2021

Part of KIUAS accelerator 2021

This month we are proud to announce that we are officially one of 21 startups in the KIUAS Accelerator 2021 program. Through this accelerator we are hoping to accelerate our business and product development even further by implementing guidance and insights from numerous of coaching program by experts in tech startups around the world.


It’s Summer Time!

We are getting closer to the harvest and now the wild animals are more active and so are well! In this period, we are working hard to prepare the demonstration for this summer, but most importantly to improve our system for the early adopters of this fall. We are excited to greet our early adopters and share the Flox experience with them soon!


Making Drone Technology Accessible for Swedish Commercial Farmers and Beyond

Challenges emerge outside the fences of Swedish farms, LRF has estimated a yearly 2 billion SEK of wild animals-related crops loss in Sweden, representing an emerging challenge for the Swedish farm owner. Thus creating an affordable, adaptable, and convenient repellent could be the solution for the farmers to be in front of the line in mitigating this emerging challenge. That is why at Flox, we want to create a solution for farmers not only to mitigate crop loss but also to co-exist with the wildlife surrounding their farm, mutual protection for both the farms and the wildlife.