The Ojo-Yoshida Report (Us): Farm Drones Going Hog Wild

  Wild boars running amok in farmlands will soon meet autonomous drones – almost as sophisticated as robocars – developed by Flox Robotics. Flox’s drone can tell a pig from a Peter Rabbit and knows how to scare it off.   Drones are coming to the farm, hot above the heels of marauding wild boars. […]

Lantbruksnytt TV: Drones Keep the Fields Free From Wild Animal Damage

“After seeing with their own eyes the devastation caused by wild animals in growing crops, they decided to tackle the problem with the help of artificial intelligence, data analysis and autonomous drones. They formed the company Flox and in just one year they are now close to a finished product. ” reports Lantbruksnytt after interviewing […]

Newsletter September 2021

Flox joins Sting, Recognized as the Best Accelerator in the Nordics After graduating from KTH Innovation pre-incubator program in spring and being part of the Kiuas accelerator during summer, we are now excited to take the next step by joining the prestigious Sting deep tech incubator with a strong track record of portfolio companies such as Yubico, […]

Newsletter August 2021

Summer is almost over and the leaves are falling apart bit by bit, but not ours though! We spend our summer growing and ending it with exciting news! We kicked off our EAP 2021 with a group of farmers, landowners, hunters, and tech enthusiasts passionate about the future of wildlife management! And now we invite […]

3 Ways Autonomous Drones Can Prevent Human-Wildlife Conflict

In the case of humans in relation to wildlife, conflict often occurs where each species has overlapping spaces to live and sustain their lives. As explained by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) occurs in areas where both human and wildlife populations meet and overlap in an area that is […]

Making Drone Technology Accessible for Landowners and Beyond

Making Drone Technology Accessible for Swedish Commercial Farmers and beyond! The utilization of drones within the agriculture industry has been the biggest user for the past years. Drones are proven useful to monitor farms on livestock and crops health, precision farming to help farmers grow their farms efficiently, minimizing crop and food loss. Crop loss has driven the development […]

ATL: Drones Are Able to Scare Wild Boars and Deer

The need for technology that can tackle the problem is almost urgent. One of the companies developing a solution is Swedish Flox, which is a result of a KTH project that combined autonomous drones with computer analysis. The company is developing an agricultural service based on autonomous patrolling drones going around day and night and […]

Newsletter July 2021

Part of KIUAS accelerator 2021 This month we are proud to announce that we are officially one of 21 startups in the KIUAS Accelerator 2021 program. Through this accelerator we are hoping to accelerate our business and product development even further by implementing guidance and insights from numerous of coaching program by experts in tech startups […]