Newsletter August 2021

Published: November 22, 2021

Summer is almost over and the leaves are falling apart bit by bit, but not ours though! We spend our summer growing and ending it with exciting news!

We kicked off our EAP 2021 with a group of farmers, landowners, hunters, and tech enthusiasts passionate about the future of wildlife management! And now we invite you or people that you know will be interested to be part of EAP 2021. Send us your inquiries at [email protected] and we will get back to you.


Flox onboards its first customer taking part in the Early Adopter Program.

In August, we successfully initiated our Early Adopter Program and onboard our very first customer! A vineyard owner from the Skåne region of southern Sweden.


“The bird damage we experience on our vineyard is enormous. In a few weeks right before the harvest when the wine is ripe, hundreds of birds come and it is very angering to see the results of a year-long effort disappear. We have tried traditional methods, latest also lasers against birds and we have started to look into drone solutions for farming. We are excited to start using Flox and evaluate the results and spare costs”. Land wner, Skåne

On average, 30% of the crops are lost each year due to bird damage, but this number can go up to 50-100% close to coastal areas, such as in this case, causing more than 500 000 SEK/100ha monetary loss annually. The same goes for boars and deer-related damages. Current repelling techniques such as stationary scarecrows and gas cannons are ineffective in the long run, as birds adapt to them quickly, leaving the farms exposed and threatened – But, with our solutions, we can tackle these challenges while adapting to the bird’s behaviors and choose the best repelling solutions to keep the birds at bay.


Testimonials From The EAP 2021 Demonstrations

The first demo was for a group of landowners, farmers, tech enthusiasts, and hunters. A farmer quote: “I would rather quit than having to buy electrical fences and other costly solutions, Flox could help to keep the animals away from the most vulnerable parts of my field” – Landowner, Södertälje


“The problems with wildlife are year-round for many farms. For us, as we also grow rapeseed oil which starts to grow in September throughout winter, the fields are especially vulnerable during the winter months, when rest of vegetation is limited and the raps oil is extra tasty” – Landowner, Bällinge

” I have worked with animal deterrence for a very long time, and I have experience with all the products that are out there. We have huge problems with both birds and boars at the nature reserve, and I have tried the commercial drones myself. But what is groundbreaking with Flox is the possibility to have statistics about the numbers and species of repelled animals. So far I have to report how many animals I repel and how much time it takes, but Flox will give me data-based support and statistics.” – Landowner and responsible for wildlife management at a nature reservation, Ekolsund