Dagens Industri: The Forest Buzzes with Startups

We are thrilled to share that FLOX Robotics has been featured in Dagens Industri’s recent article, ”Skogen surrar av startups” (”The Forest Buzzes with Startups”). The piece highlights the burgeoning influence of startups and innovation companies within the Swedish forestry sector, driven by the opportunities for digitalization and AI.

Our team at FLOX Robotics is at the forefront of this movement, leveraging AI-driven stationary units and drones to address wildlife-related challenges in the forest, protecting new plantings, and aiding in sustainable agriculture. Our technology’s potential to guide animal herds and its application in reducing wildlife damage, which carries a significant annual financial impact, is part of why we’re excited about what lies ahead.

Read more about our feature on: Skogen surrar av startups (di.se)

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