Trafikverket Orders 10 FLOX Systems to Prevent Vehicle Collisions With Reindeer


Stockholm, May 20, 2023 Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, has recently ordered ten FLOX systems to mitigate the risks of traffic collisions with reindeer in northern Sweden and enhance road safety measures. This marks yet another milestone in FLOX mission to revolutionize the coexistence of humans and wildlife, making a positive impact on road safety and preserving natural ecosystems.


According to recent data provided by Trafikverket, wildlife collisions, particularly with reindeer, pose a significant threat to road users in northern Sweden. Annually, these collisions account for a considerable number of accidents, resulting in injuries, vehicle damage, and sometimes even loss of life. By implementing Flox’s automatic solutions, Trafikverket aims to improve road safety and minimize the risks associated with reindeer-related traffic incidents. The cutting-edge technology developed by FLOX combines automatic solutions and animal science to detect and repel reindeer from certain roadways in Northern Sweden, significantly reducing the risk of accidents involving vehicles.


In the last couple of years, several specially designed bridges for reindeer are being built over roads and railways to allow reindeer to move more freely in the Swedish landscape. This is particularly important considering the impact of climate change since during winters, reindeer dig down to reach the lichen they eat beneath the snow. To access grazing areas with better snow conditions, they often need to cross major roads including E4. However, wildlife fences often prevent them from doing so, or they risk walking onto the road and being hit by vehicles. In a changing climate with difficult snow conditions, it becomes crucial for reindeer to find and access alternative grazing areas. FLOX solutions will  play a vital role in assisting reindeer in effectively using the dedicated passages and avoiding areas where they should not be. By deploying their advanced technology and automatic systems, FLOX ensures that the roads and surrounding areas remain clear of reindeer.


The order from Trafikverket showcases the commitment to leveraging advanced technology and innovative approaches to address critical challenges for sustainable reindeers management in Sweden. By harnessing the power of automatic systems, FLOX solutions offer an efficient and effective method to mitigate the risks of wildlife collisions.



Wildlife-vehicle collisions are a common phenomenon worldwide, causing injury or death to millions of animals and hundreds of human passengers each year.



”We are thrilled to collaborate with Trafikverket in our efforts to prevent wildlife collisions on Swedish roads,” said Sara Nozkova, CEO & Co-founder of FLOX. ”By combining our state-of-the-art solutions with Trafikverket’s expertise in transport and road safety, we are confident in creating safer environments for both motorists and reindeer – this is just a beginning.”


The collaboration between Trafikverket and FLOX is expected to drive positive change, ensuring the well-being of both humans and wildlife in northern Sweden. The implementation of FLOX’s  solutions demonstrates a significant step towards achieving sustainable and safer transportation systems.



About FLOX:

FLOX is a Stockholm-based deeptech climateTech company specializing in providing autonomous solutions to resolve human-wildlife conflicts. By combining cutting-edge technology with their expertise in machine learning, robotics, and animal science, Flox aims to revolutionize the way humans and wildlife coexist in shared landscapes.


About Trafikverket:

The Swedish Transport Administration is a government agency in Sweden. It is responsible for long-term infrastructure planning for transport: road, rail, shipping and aviation.


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