Teknikföretagen: Ai-Supported Drones Protect Both Animals and Crops

Article by Teknikföretagen published on July 25, 2023


Using AI and robotics on, among other things, drones, FLOX Robotics’ technology keeps wild animals away from crops and other places where they shouldn’t be. ”We help people and wildlife to coexist,” says Sara Nozkova, CEO and co-founder of the startup company, which is now investing in international expansion. FLOX Robotics has developed an intelligent device that, with the help of AI, can identify animal species and which then emits disturbing sounds. The device can be placed on any drone, mounted on a train or permanently installed.



FLOX Robotics has developed an intelligent device that uses AI to identify animal species and then emit disturbing sounds. The device can be placed on any drone, mounted on a train or permanently installed. One of the latest use cases for Flox Robotics’ technology involves scaring Canada geese away from some of Stockholm’s swimming areas, a recurring problem every bathing season. But now an autonomous drone from Flox is circling over the swimming area with a noise that disturbs the geese and forces them away from the beach like a flying herding dog. Permanently mounted speakers on top of the swimming area with the same sound complete the whole thing. – The sounds are tailored for Canada geese, they do not affect people or other animals that are allowed to be at the swimming area, says Sara Nozkova.



Started with students at KTH

FLOX Robotics’ history begins at KTH three years ago. Sara and her co-founders saw that they had an interesting combination in their focus on robotics, AI and automation, and the fast-growing drone market. The co-founders were also close to the problem – their families themselves had problems with wild boars destroying crops.


– We asked ourselves the question whether we could use AI and robotics to avoid wild boar damage to the crops, says Sara. Intelligent device detects which animal is moving That was the start of FLOX Robotics and the development of a technology that is now starting to get a lot of attention.


The basis is an intelligent device that can be placed on any autonomous drone or fixed. The device has an AI that identifies which animal is moving. This controls the type of sound to be emitted, different for wild boar and red deer for example.


FLOX’s customer list includes the Swedish Transport Administration, which wants to prevent wildlife collisions with cars, Boliden, which wants to stop animals from coming down mine shafts, and Swedavia, which wants to remove birds from airports.


Read the full article here: AI-stödda drönare skyddar både djur och grödor (teknikforetagen.se)

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