SVT: “Ai-Equipped Drones Will Prevent Game Damage to the Harvest”

SVT Nyheter. Published on January 8, 2023


AI-equipped scarecrows can be the solution to game damage in agriculture. The method is now being developed by Hushållningssällskapet in Halland.


– The need to get birds, ungulates and wild boars away from growing crops is increasing all the time, says Håkan Cajander, project manager at Hushållningssällskapet.


The project with an AI-controlled drone as a game scare is in its start-up phase, financed by the Swedish Agricultural Agency, and run in collaboration with Halmstad University and the company FLOX.


Want experimental farmers
– Right now we would very much like to get in touch with landowners who have problems with game damage in order to be able to test the product, says Håkan Cajander.


Read the full article in Swedish here: AI-styrda drönare ska förhindra viltskador på skörden | SVT Nyheter

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