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Flox debuts in international media – featured in Ojo-Yoshida Report (US)

”Every startup needs a mission about which its founders can be passionate. If that mission resonates with the market and the startup offers specific solutions that meet the needs of customers’ real-world problems, so much the better. Flox passes both tests,” writes Junko Yoshida, the veteran tech reporter, in the Ojo-Yoshida report that appeared on November 22.

Read the whole article here (subscription required): Farm Drones Going Hog Wild (


Flox CEO speaking at Sweden’s Agricultural Tenants’ Annual General Meeting 

On November 24, our CEO Sara Nozkova was invited to speak at the Sweden’s Agricultural Tenants’ Annual General Meeting in Uppsala in order to present Flox’ vision and solutions.

Flox successfully demos rural area solution with LRF Skåne and Innovationscenter för landsbyggden

In late October, Flox held a digital product demonstration for a broad audience including landowners, farmers, researchers and wildlife conservationists.  The demonstration was co-organized by LRF – Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund Skåne and Innovationscenter för landsbyggden.

Great input and discussions from key stakeholders from the farming and wildlife management sectors in Skåne and an exciting start to future collaborations in this region. More information coming out soon so stay tuned! 👩‍🌾🦌

Flox featured on Sting’s Climate Action Map

🌎We are proud to be featured on by Sting’s Startup #ClimateAction Map which highlights promising Swedish startups working on solutions to fight #climatechange in the category 2 #AI for the #Planet 🌎

Read more about the Climate Map here: Startup Climate Action Map – Sting

Inspiring deep tech entrepreneurs at Test Drive Deeptech 

Building a deep tech company – how hard can it be? Where to start and what to avoid?👈🦾

Flox CTO Marco Moletta and Flox CPO Matteo Tadiello were selected to inspire and share the main lessons learned for future deep tech entrepreneurs as a part of the Test Drive Deeptech program ran by deep tech gurus Hannes Eder from KTH Innovation and Raoul Stubbe from Sting. 👋🔥


FLOX in media

Recently you might have seen us in the following media:

Breakit on Flox ”With the help of the latest AI technology and autonomous drones, Sara Nozkova can save billions for Swedish farmers”. Read more here: Sara Nozkova har en svinbra idé – nu ska 100 miljoner få fart på drönar-startupen Flox – Breakit

Breakits Podcast on Flox: ”The great fear of wild boars” Listen on Spotify: Avicii-boken, Spotify-grundarens doft och vildsvinens stora skräck – Lundells Vecka – Breakits Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

Feber: Flox drones keep animals away from certain forests and fields to avoid damages Read the article here: Flox drönare ska skrämma bort djur från skogar och åkrar. Så att vildsvin och andra djur inte förstör markerna | Feber / Pryl

Product Development Update

Our artificial intelligence is revolutionizing wildlife monitoring.

Our AI detection algorithm is now able to correctly recognize, count and track the individual #animals present in the fields – shown in the video with the bounding rectangles.

We are able to identify both individuals (small rectangles) and animal groups (bigger rectangles) present in the fields. 🌾

Now, with advances in artificial intelligence and the combination of thermal imaging and drones, Flox is able to more precisely detect and identify animals than ever before.🚀

See the full video with the latest results here: Wildlife monitoring using AI and drones – YouTube

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