Jakt & Jägare: New Technology Is Used Against Wild Boars

The hunters struggle with shooting and the farmers use fencing, but the wild boars rise in numbers. Now drones and artificial intelligence are launched against the animals that destroy crops worth od billions every year.


Sara Nozkova who is the CEO and one of the founders of the drone company Flox has for several years been involved in developing a new concept to deal with the wild boar’s ravages in forests and among crops.

The method is based on artificial intelligence, drones and an ultrasound that the wild boars detest.


– The potential is enormous. In the USA, for example, the authorities estimate the damage from wild boar to be 2.5 billion dollars every year, says Sara Nozkova.


Read the full article here: https://www.jaktojagare.se/kategorier/nyheter/ny-teknik-satts-in-mot-vildsvin-20211201/

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