From Despair to Hope: Varberg’s Pioneer Farmer Begins Season-Wide Deployment with Immediate Results

[PRESS RELEASE, Varberg, Sweden, April 10th] – In an industry where traditional solutions have often fallen short, FLOX Robotics is proud to announce the deployment of its drone-based solution at Börsgården farm and other nearby farms. These farms have collectively joined forces to utilize the FLOX Robotics solution, located outside Varberg in Halland, Sweden. With an innovative approach utilizing FLOX Robotics solution applied on drones, FLOX Robotics has demonstrated unparalleled efficacy in addressing the significant challenges posed by various species of geese, which have previously wreaked havoc on crops and pastures.

Transforming Fields with Technology

Jacob Olsson, a dedicated farmer specializing in fodder and grain cultivation as well as pasture management, has faced considerable difficulties due to the extensive damage caused by geese for years. 


”The damage is difficult to estimate, but in some fields, it has reached 90% or more,”  Jacob explains.

His experience mirrors that of many farmers world-wide who struggle with wildlife affecting their livelihoods. Until now, solutions have been temporary and largely ineffective.  

A New Dawn with FLOX Robotics

However, the tide has turned with the introduction of FLOX Robotics’ drone-based solution to Jacob’s farming operations.

We have tried other solutions, but nothing has been effective over a longer period. It feels very promising now even after the first day; we saw a very successful reaction this morning, and the geese behaved differently than when we previously scared them off. It’s very exciting to continue with this and work with new technology,” Jacob shares enthusiastically.

His sentiments are a testament to the potential of FLOX Robotics’ technology in revolutionizing wildlife management and agricultural practices.

This is a very interesting solution. I have been waiting for this technology for years. Really exciting to finally see it in action,” Jacob adds, highlighting the anticipation and need for innovative solutions in the agricultural sector.

Supported by the Swedish Board of Agriculture

This initiative is co-financed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) as part of the VILL(T)SAM project, aiming to mitigate wildlife damage from birds using FLOX Robotics drone-based technology. The project is a collaborative effort between FLOX Robotics, Hushållningssällskapet in Halland and Halmstad University Innovation, showcasing the potential of cutting-edge technology in addressing agricultural challenges. For more insights into this project, visit the project website.

A Sustainable Future

FLOX Robotics is committed to providing sustainable, effective solutions for stakeholders worldwide, alleviating the stress and damage caused by wildlife through cutting-edge technology. Our solutions offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods, promising not just a temporary fix but a long-term strategy for managing wildlife interactions with agriculture and other shared landscapes.

Jacob’s story is just the beginning. As FLOX Robotics continues to roll out its technology across different regions, we are set to see a significant transformation in how farmers and other stakeholders coexist with nature, marking a new era in agricultural sustainability and productivity.

This is major milestone on the FLOX Robotics journey towards developing a fully autonomous solution, leveraging dock-based drones stationed directly in the fields and facilitating the FLOX Robotics Wildlife Management as a Service (WMaaS) –  operating around the clock to herd wild animals from areas where their presence is unwelcome, thereby ensuring protection and peace of mind for our clients both day and night.

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