FLOX’s Hugin Drone Helps Save Juvenile Roe Deer Ahead of Harvesting

We posted a call-to-action a month ago as we are volunteering our OH-1 solution to scan farmland for juvenile #RoeDeers ahead of harvesting. And we are happy to report that we just performed our first scan!


The FLOX Team earlier this week visited the Fållnäs Gård estate, close to Nynäshamn, South of Stockholm Sweden, and scanned 10 hectares of farmland with FLOX’s Hugin drone just before the usual spring harvest season were to kick off…


And we are ecstatic to report that Hugin’s thermal vision system tracked down six ’juveniles’ hiding low to the ground, and all six were able to hop themselves to safer pastures!


”This is a real problem. Usually we hit 5-10 baby deers per harvesting day on about 10he of fields, and it is impossible for us to find them until it is too late,” Martin Liljeholm of the Fållnäs Gård estate said. ”This is fantastic; a 100% successful result!”


BTW, our offer still stands: if you are a farmer or landowner interested in having us help you in the coming time pre harvest, just send us an email at [email protected] 🦌 📹 🚁

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