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FLOX Robotics Welcomes Anna Widén as New Head of Wildlife & Delivery

Stockholm, January 3, 2024 – FLOX Robotics, a leader in innovative wildlife management solutions, is excited to announce the appointment of Anna Widen as the new Head of Wildlife & Delivery. With her extensive background in ungulate behavior and human-wildlife conflict, Anna is set to bring a new dimension of expertise and passion to FLOX’s mission of fostering harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Anna completed four years of doctoral studies at the prestigious Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) focusing on the drivers behind ungulate behavior in the context of human-wildlife conflicts. Her research and academic pursuits have perfectly aligned with FLOX’s vision, making her a natural fit for the team. “I have always been driven by the desire to apply my academic knowledge in a more practical setting,” Anna says. “Joining FLOX Robotics gives me the unique opportunity to implement innovative solutions to manage animal behavior and mitigate conflicts, which has been a core interest throughout my career.”

In her new role at FLOX Robotics, Anna will spearhead international projects focused on continuing to build state-of-the-art wildlife knowledge, managing diverse and complex projects with both private and public sector, and most importantly ensuring the successful delivery of FLOX Robotics Wildlife Management as a Service products to our clients. Her responsibilities will involve close collaboration with various stakeholders, applying her research and knowledge to real-life situations, and exploring sustainable wildlife management practices.

“I am particularly excited about taking on new challenges in the field of human-wildlife conflict,” Anna adds. “Working with FLOX, I look forward to applying my insights in practical scenarios and contributing to the development of effective, future-oriented wildlife management tools.”

FLOX Robotics CEO Sara Nozkova comments on the new appointment: “Anna’s expertise in wildlife behavior and her passion for resolving human-wildlife conflicts are invaluable assets to our team. Her role will be crucial in advancing our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions in wildlife management world-wide including a variety of wild animal species.”

Anna’s appointment marks a significant step for FLOX in its ongoing efforts to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions for wildlife management and conflict resolution.

About FLOX Robotics
FLOX is a pioneering company specializing in innovative approaches to wildlife management. Committed to the coexistence of humans and wildlife, FLOX employs technology and research-based solutions to address challenges in wildlife behavior and conflict mitigation.

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