FLOX Robotics Joins TINC Silicon Valley Accelerator Program, Working Towards Global Validation

Silicon Valley, October 18, 2023 – FLOX Robotics is proud to announce its selection as one of the top nine Nordic technology companies with exceptional global potential, chosen to participate in the prestigious TINC Accelerator Program.


This program, hosted by Innovation Norway Silicon Valley in collaboration with Vinnova, Business Finland, and KLAK Icelandic Startups, is dedicated to nurturing and propelling companies like FLOX Robotics onto the global stage.


TINC  serves as a springboard for Nordic tech companies seeking to scale their operations worldwide. With its intensive 5-week program, TINC focuses on validating product-market fit and global scalability, leveraging the expertise and resources of Silicon Valley.


By participating in TINC, FLOX Robotics gains access to a unique blend of mentorship, resources, and industry connections. This opportunity will facilitate the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies that address critical conservation challenges.


FLOX Robotics’ participation in the TINC Accelerator Program signifies its commitment to advancing technology-driven solutions for biodiversity conservation.


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