FLOX Robotics Joins Forces With Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and Stockholm University In Groundbreaking Research Project: Autonomous Drones and AI-Assisted Computer Vision for Near Real-Time Mapping and Management of Wild Stock

– Funding received from KTH Digital Futures for 2 year-long research project   STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Mar. 23, 2022 (PRESS RELEASE) – FLOX Robotics (FLOX AB) – a startup that provides artificial intelligence equipped autonomous drones, and part of the Sting deep-tech incubator – announced Wednesday that it is joining forces with Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) through its Digital Systems Department and Stockholm University Department of Computer and Systems Sciences on a two-year research project: Autonomous Drones and AI-Assisted Computer Vision for Near Real-Time Mapping and Management of Wild Stock led by RISE’s Mikhail Popov and Professor Barry Brown of Stockholm University. FLOX has committed to contribute to the project reliable, local and nearly real-time wildlife data gathered by FLOX’s Hugin drone as it is patrolling a variety of different farmlands and forest areas in both Sweden as well as Northern USA, the first two markets where FLOX will launch the commercial test phase of its OH-1 solution (FLOX’s Oden base station + Hugin drone) in the coming months. This will enable the research project to provide insights for data-based wildlife-related decisions to veterinary institutes, nature conservationists, hunting associations, insurance companies and many others.   “Firstly I would like to thank KTH Digital Futures for its trust in us! It is a great privilege to be able to work with such esteemed research partners like Professor Brown and Mikhail Popov on a project that we see is fundamental to FLOX’s vision – AI-assisted identification of wildlife species,” said FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova. “Making our data available to all involved and impacted stakeholders, helping create a thriving ecosystem that has the potential to make better informed, essentially data-driven wild-life related decisions in the near future, would be a big step into the direction of delivering on our vision.”   Through AI-assisted identification of wildlife species, the stakeholders have the possibility to track the animal species which are injured, bearing diseases or have been involved in an incident. The project demonstrates an integrated solution for automated mapping, identification, tracking and, when required, repelling wild animals using autonomous drones with AI-assisted computer vision and ultrasound repellent technology combined with a geographic information system (GIS)-like for data visualization, analysis and decision making. The project, which will kick off in April 2022, has received funding for two years. More information can be found on KTH’s Digital Futures website.   About FLOX FLOX is a Stockholm-based startup on a mission to reimagine coexistence with wildlife. The company was founded in December 2020, at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation, with the aim to offer affordable tailor-made services provided by autonomous drones to protect crops and young plants from wildlife-related damages. Subscribe to FLOX’s newsletter by sending an email with in the subject line to: [email protected] Are you a landowner or farmer plagued by wildlife and have interest becoming part of FLOX’s 12-month commercial test phase? Just send us an email with in the subject line and we will get in touch: [email protected]. If you have any questions or would like to engage with FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova, please contact FLOX’s press team at [email protected]. For general or customer inquiries, please contact FLOX at [email protected].

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