FLOX Robotics Joins Forces with Alstom at the Inaugural Event in Västerås

Västerås, Sweden: In a landmark event that marks a new era in sustainable transportation solutions, FLOX Robotics proudly showcased their collaboration with Alstom at the grand opening of Alstom’s new test and technology centre in Västerås, Sweden. The event, held on November 30, 2023, brought together industry leaders and innovators to witness the inauguration of Alstom’s state-of-the-art facility, a hub designed to spearhead advancements in green mobility.

Revolutionizing Rail Traffic with AI: Among the highlights of the event was the demonstration of the unique test lab at the Alstom facility, which provides an invaluable platform for partners like FLOX Robotics to validate their pioneering technologies. FLOX Robotics, known for their cutting-edge wildlife management solutions, shared insights into their latest innovations for rail traffic and the role of artificial intelligence in propelling the future of sustainable mobility.

A Collaborative Hub of Green Innovation: The new 10,000-square-metre facility, set to house over 500 professionals across various functions, serves as a testament to Alstom’s commitment to fostering innovation on a global scale. Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Chairman and CEO of Alstom, emphasized the strategic importance of the Västerås centre in Alstom’s global network, highlighting the synergies created by merging diverse expertise under one roof.

Sweden’s Pioneering Role in Green Technology: The event, graced by the presence of Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, and Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Chairman and CEO of Alstom, underscored Sweden’s leading position in green technology and engineering excellence. ”Sweden’s commitment to green technology, combined with its heritage of engineering excellence, creates an ideal environment for Alstom to advance sustainable mobility,” said Poupart-Lafarge.

Fostering Industry and Academic Partnerships: The Västerås centre is strategically positioned to catalyze collaboration across industries, universities, and research institutes. This collaborative approach was evident in the display of various partnerships, including the groundbreaking work with FLOX Robotics in wildlife detection technology, which is pivotal for enhancing railway safety and environmental stewardship.

Global Impact from Local Innovation: The products and solutions developed in Västerås are set to have a global impact, with projects ranging from the conversion of diesel-electric trains to battery power to providing state-of-the-art trains for major cities worldwide. Alstom’s Power Lab in Västerås stands out as a unique facility, offering external partners like FLOX Robotics the opportunity to test and refine e-mobility innovations.

A New Chapter in Sustainable Travel: Maria Signal Martebo, Managing Director of Alstom in Sweden, expressed pride in the company’s leadership in the green transition. ”By uniting our expertise in this innovative centre, we are not only enhancing our technological prowess but also fostering stronger partnerships that will drive sustainable progress in the transportation sector,” she stated.

The inauguration of Alstom’s new facility in Västerås, complemented by the showcase of FLOX Robotics’ collaborative efforts, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future in mobility.

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