FLOX Robotics Expands Team With User Experience & Interface Designer Sihan Sun

FLOX Robotics today announced that it has added Sihan Sun as its inhouse User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) Designer responsible for user research, user interface design and usability testing. Sun is also specifically dedicated to design a user interface for FLOX’s own fleet management platform Swarm Pilot which will allow monitoring of multiple drones simultaneously to ensure system safety, maintainability and realizabiity. Sun joined FLOX as an intern already in 2021 and decided, thereafter, to also work on her master thesis with FLOX, as a collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).


“Building up our user experience and interface capabilities has been top of mind as FLOX is entering a new phase with the first customer delivery this Friday – so I am ecstatic that we have been able to find Sihan to drive our UX/UI efforts,” said FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova. “Our fleet management platform Swarm Pilot is an intrinsic part of FLOX’s value proposition as it literally allows us to scale the company over time. So Sihan brings tremendous value to us all!”


Sun has a background in Human Computer Interaction and Design with a broad experience in User Research, User Experience Design, Information Visualization, Multimodal interaction, and Web Development. She is currently doing her Master Thesis on ‘Designing a User Interface for a Fleet Management System of Multiple Drones’.


“With an acute sense of social responsibility, FLOX is using new technologies to address real and urgent user needs such as with farmers and landowners,” Sun commented. “And I love FLOX’s vision: Coexistence with wildlife. Reimagined – I look forward to playing my part from a UX/UI design perspective to be able to deliver on our vision as part of the FLOX team. Let’s go!”

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