FLOX Robotics at the Forefront of THINGS Deeptech Executive Summit

On March 13th, FLOX Robotics’ CEO, Sára Nožková, spoke on stage for an international audience at the THINGS AB 9th Anniversary Executive Summit in Stockholm. Celebrating nine years of deep tech innovation, the event, held at AWL THINGS on the KTH Campus, showcased the latest in technology to an impressive gathering of 93 attendees from 15 countries.

Sára shared insights into FLOX Robotics’ pioneering work in AI and autonomous drones for wildlife conservation, highlighting the company’s contributions to sustainable technology.

The summit not only celebrated THINGS’ anniversary but also served as a melting pot of ideas and collaborations, with FLOX Robotics standing out for its innovative solutions. The event underscored the importance of deep tech in addressing global challenges, with FLOX Robotics leading the way in environmental conservation efforts. It was a testament to the power of community and innovation in shaping a better future.

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