FLOX Recognized As One Of The 5 Top Drone Startups To Watch Globally in 2022

Earlier this week FLOX received a big surprise as it was listed as one of the 5 Top Drone Startups to Watch globally in 2022 by StartUs Insights, a research firm based in Vienna, Austria, specialized in providing intelligence on innovation, technologies and emerging companies.


“We are absolutely thrilled with this recognition this early on in our journey,” FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova said. “Thousands of new startups are founded every year – emerging companies with the potential to disrupt the drone industry. To give a head-start on emerging technologies and startups that will impact the industry in 2022, StartUs Insights analyzed a total of 756 global drone startups and scaleups, and FLOX made it into their Top 5 for 2022. We most definitely plan to live up to this badge of honor!”



More information on StartUs Insights analysis can be found on their website: 5 Top Drone Startups to Watch in 2022 | StartUs Insights (startus-insights.com)



About FLOX
FLOX is a Stockholm-based startup on a mission to reimagine coexistence with wildlife. The company was founded in December 2020, at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation, with the aim to offer affordable tailor-made services provided by autonomous drones to protect crops and young plants from wildlife-related damages. Subscribe to FLOX’s newsletter by sending an email with in the subject line to: [email protected]
Are you a landowner or farmer plagued by wildlife and have interest becoming part of FLOX’s 12-month commercial test phase? Just send us an email with in the subject line and we will get in touch: [email protected].

If you have any questions or would like to engage with FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova, please contact FLOX’s press team at [email protected].
For general or customer inquiries, please contact FLOX at [email protected].

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