FLOX Ensures Crop Protection: 2,016 Wildlife Herded in a Week at Boo Egendom Farm

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Aug. 7, 2023 (PRESS RELEASE)  – FLOX Robotics, a pioneering leader in wildlife management solutions, achieved remarkable success in June as it collaborated with Boo Egendom farm, situated near Örebro in Sweden, to safeguard crops from the damaging impact of fallow deer and wild boar. During the week-long system demonstration contract, a total of 2,016 animals were effectively herded, with an average of 320 wildlife herdings conducted each night.


The burgeoning fallow deer population has emerged as a major challenge for European farmers. A recent interview published by Sveriges Radio featured a Swedish farmer who suffered an alarming 80% to 90% crop output loss this season due to fallow deer, resulting in a staggering 1 million kr in damages. Similarly, our esteemed customer, Boo Egendom, has been grappling with severe fallow deer issues, compounded by wild boar damages that incur an estimated 350,000+ kr in wildlife damage annually – a figure that continues to escalate.


In partnership with Boo Egendom, FLOX put its cutting-edge FLOXdrone solution to the test, yielding exceptional results. A summary of the outcomes includes the detection of 2,292 wildlife and the successful repelling of 2,016 animals, showcasing an impressive average efficiency rate of 87.31%. To witness the wildlife herding highlights, please enjoy this teaser video: FLOX & Boo Egendom – YouTube



”With the demonstration of the FLOX’s drone-based system we have witnessed a significant improvement in safeguarding our crops.” says Peter Aronsson, FLOX customer and farm manager at Boo Egendom AB.




This pivotal test is part of the project ”AI-equipped drones for a balanced farm” led by FLOX Robotics in collaboration with esteemed partners, SLU Swedish University of Agriculture and The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management . The project is co-funded by The Swedish Agency for Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) and is slated to continue until autumn 2024.



The FLOX’s Mission – Helping humans and wildlife coexist.

FLOX Robotics is turning what was previously a human-wildlife conflict to a new way of managing and protecting natural resources in shared landscapes such as agriculture, young forests, reforestation areas, public spaces, airports and railways. We prevent agricultural expansion into natural wildlife habitats and avoid collisions with wildlife.

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