FLOX Closes 2022 With 10 Msek for New Collaborations

The year 2022 has been a successful one for FLOX – we summarize our major milestones & extend a big thank you to all our supporters!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Dec. 21, 2022 

In Q4, we managed to lock in new collaborations and attract further soft funding, which leaves us at 10 million SEK won in public procurements and grants during 2022. We have some very exciting collaborations to share in January –  so stay tuned! 

🔊 We would also like to summarize some of the milestones we have achieved in 2022:

  • FLOX was selected as the newest member of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape (January)
  • Team welcomed Magnus Isenberg with focus on Growth & Sales (February)
  •  Kishore Kumar joined the tech team with focus on robotics and autonomous systems (March)
  • FLOX joined Research Institutes of Sweden and Stockholm University in a Research Project by Digital Futures (April)
  • FLOX Entered Customer Pilot Phase in Agriculture in Sweden (April)
  • FLOX showed 100% efficiency on Saving Deer Fawns Pre Harvest (June)
  • FLOX successfully introduced to the first Customer in the US (July)
  • FLOX and GLOBHE Partnered Up to Identify Wildlife Worldwide (September)
  • FLOX was part of the Lilla Böslid demo days, showcasing our solutions in the fields together with Hushållningsskapet Halland (October)
  • 5 million SEK from the Swedish Board of Agriculture fueled projects to verify FLOX solutions and achieve human-wildlife coexistence (October)
  • FLOX appointed new Chair of the Board Tomas Hjort (December)


🏆 Prices & Nominations

  • The 5 Top Drone Startups To Watch Globally in 2022 by StartUs Insights
  •  CEO Sara Nozkova amongst Top 10 innovative entrepreneurs by ÅFors Foundation
  • Founders featured on the ”Årets 103 unga idéer 2022” list by Företagarna
  • SKAPA innovation prize winner in Stockholm County 2022
  • Prince Daniel Fellowship award nominee
  •  CEO Sara Nozkova amongst nominees for ”Årets Nybyggare 2022” by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf
  •  Top Swedish tech startups & scaleups founded and led by women by Swedish Tech News
  • Top 6 Impact Startups within animal welfare by Impact Shakers


🙏 We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the unconditional support we have received from you during this year. We are already looking forward to reaching new heights in 2023!

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