FLOX Accepted into Forest Business Accelerator – Unlocking Potential for Environmental and Economic Impact of Preventing Wildlife Damages in the Forest Industry


Stockholm, July 19, 2023- FLOX Robotics is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the prestigious Forest Business Accelerator. This highlights FLOX Robotics’ dedication to actively exploring the immense opportunities its solutions can bring to the forest industry, while also addressing the economic and environmental challenges posed by wildlife damages. By allowing more young trees to thrive, FLOX Robotics can enables faster CO2 storage and carbon sequestration while saving costs to forest owners. This aligns perfectly with the forest industry’s vital role in mitigating climate change by acting as a carbon sink and absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.



Wildlife damages in Swedish forests alone amount to an astounding 11.9 billion SEK annually, according to Skogsbranschen (Source: Skogsbranschen). Large populations of moose, red deer, fallow deer, and roe deer have long been a significant economic problem for the forestry sector.


For example, in a recent annual inventory conducted by Skogsstyrelsen, it was revealed that 12 percent of young pines in Svealand have suffered damages or, in the worst cases, died due to browsing primarily by moose. These damages remain at an alarmingly high level, with wildlife damages in Svealand more than double the target goal of a maximum of five percent.


Inventories conducted in various forest areas world-wide reveal consistently high levels of browsing damages. Unfortunately, due to climate change there is no positive trend in sight. Wildlife specialists emphasize the urgent need for prevention, as the presence of excessive numbers of wildlife has led to insufficient food resources in the forest. This situation is reflected for instance in declining moose reproduction rates and alarmingly high levels of browsing damages.


”Our solutions can provide a much-needed answer to this environmental and economic challenge. By effectively preventing damages caused by wildlife to young planted trees, we can enable the forest industry to overcome this obstacle in the transition to renewable resources. Participation in the Forest Business Accelerator underscores the company’s commitment to empower the industry’s transition to renewable resources and contribute to the overall growth and environmental impact of the forest sector world-wide.” says Sara Nozkova, FLOX CEO & Co-founder.


The Forest Business Accelerator, a collaborative initiative between SCA, IBM, RISE Processum, and BizMaker, recognizes the transformative potential of FLOX Robotics’ solution. By participating in this accelerator with start in August this year, FLOX Robotics gains access to a comprehensive program that not only opens doors to new international markets but also provides invaluable support and resources in order to start collaborations with stakeholders within the forestry sector. Through its acceptance into the Forest Business Accelerator, FLOX Robotics gains access to industry specialists, advanced technology platforms, valuable networks, and potential collaborations. This unique opportunity will enhance the development and deployment of FLOX Robotics’ solutions, fostering a greener future for the forest industry.


The Forest Business Accelerator is dedicated to supporting startups with sustainable concepts and technologies in the forestry sector. By offering expertise, technology, test environments, and business advice, the accelerator facilitates the growth and internationalization of promising companies. FLOX Robotics’ acceptance into this program further solidifies its position as a leading innovator in the industry.


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