Enhanced Wildlife Management at Umeå Airport with FLOX Robotics

May 20, 2024, UMEÅ, Sweden – FLOX Robotics, in collaboration with Swedavia, has successfully completed a series of integrated tests at Umeå Airport using a combination of drones and stationary units equipped with proprietary autonomous technologies for wildlife detection and herding. This marks another milestone in our continuous effort to enhance airport safety by effectively managing wildlife interactions.

This latest validation test, conducted in April 2024, follows successful tests at Malmö and Kiruna Airports also operated by Swedavia. The integration of drones and stationary units equipped with FLOX technologies at Umeå Airport, known for its significant bird presence, represents a significant advancement in our wildlife management capabilities. This dual-technology approach is designed to mitigate the risks posed by wildlife, particularly bird strikes, which are a common risk concern at airports during aircraft take-off and landing.

”Building on the validations at Malmö and Kiruna, this trial underscores our commitment to pioneering comprehensive wildlife management solutions that enhance safety and operational efficiency across airport environments.” said Sara Nozkova, CEO & Co-founder of FLOX Robotics.

Umeå Airport, located in the scenic region of Västerbotten in northern Sweden, is an essential hub for both domestic and international flights. Serving as the gateway to the north, it facilitates connectivity for passengers traveling to and from the bustling university city of Umeå and surrounding areas. Umeå Airport is one of the busiest airports in northern Sweden and is known for its commitment to sustainability and efficiency, consistently exploring innovative solutions to enhance safety and passenger experience.The use of FLOX Robotics solutions allows for more flexible and robust responses to wildlife activity, ensuring continuous coverage and immediate action when wild animals are detected. This integrated approach not only reduces the likelihood of wildlife-aircraft collisions but also supports smoother airport operations by minimizing disruptions.

As we continue to refine our technologies and expand our implementations, FLOX Robotics remains dedicated to developing sustainable and efficient strategies to address the global challenge of wildlife management at airports and in other shared landscapes.

About FLOX Robotics

FLOX Robotics designs, develops, and deploys innovative technologies for Wildlife Management as a Service (WMaaS), focusing on creating harmonious interactions between human infrastructure and natural wildlife habits. Our mission is to enhance safety and efficiency in high-risk environments such as airports through the use of advanced, AI-driven drone technology alongside stationary detection and deterrence units.

About Swedavia

Swedavia owns and operates ten of Sweden’s busiest airports, including Umeå Airport. Swedavia is a leader in developing sustainable airports and is committed to pioneering technologies that enhance airport safety and efficiency.

Supported by Vinnova

This project is co-financed by Vinnova within the Advanced Digitalization Programme.

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