City of Stockholm Collaborates With FLOX to Manage Goose Presence at Public Beaches

Stockholm, July 4 – FLOX Robotics, a leading provider of wildlife management solutions, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the City of Stockholm in implementing an innovative approach to manage goose presence at public beaches. This collaboration was initiated with a successful Proof-of-Concept (POC) period, during which the effectiveness of the FLOX system was compared to the existing method of culling.


During the POC process, observations were made at various beaches, including Sätrabadet, Långholmens strandbad, and Maltesholmsbadet. The results clearly demonstrated the limitations of culling as a means of deterring geese from beach areas. Despite the shooting of geese during culling, some geese remained unfazed, staying just meters away or returning shortly after. This highlights the adaptability of geese to traditional culling methods.

In contrast, the FLOX drone-based herding system exhibited remarkable effectiveness and long-lasting results in reducing goose presence at the surveyed beaches. The FLOX system employs innovative herding techniques that have proven to be more successful in deterring geese. Notably, geese quickly learned to avoid Sätrabadet due to the scare techniques used, as indicated by the significant reduction in goose detections over the course of the POC period.


The collaboration between FLOX and the City of Stockholm signifies a shift towards a more sustainable and efficient approach to managing goose presence. By leveraging the FLOX  system, the City aims to create a safer and more enjoyable beach experience for residents and visitors alike. The implementation of this cutting-edge technology reflects the City’s commitment to environmental stewardship and ensuring harmony between humans and wildlife.


The collaboration received tremendous positive feedback from citizens that noticed a clear difference:


 ”I walk here every day, and I notice a significant difference. Just a few days ago, there were many canada geese, and it looked like the water was a pool made for them. But now they are completely gone, and there are no more droppings. It’s fantastic and works so well.” – says Ingrid Skinner, Stockholm resident who was interviewed by the national TV Morgonstudion SVT.




”We are thrilled to collaborate with the City of Stockholm in implementing our innovative FLOX system,” said Sara Nozkova, CEO & Co-founder at FLOX. ”Our technology has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in minimizing goose presence at public beaches, providing a long-term and sustainable solution. We look forward to supporting the City in their efforts to create an optimal beach environment for everyone.”




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