Bizmaker: Unique technology can control and herd wild animals


Using a combination of AI and robotics, FLOX Robotics has developed a technology that is completely revolutionary. Four years after the idea was born, the company has customers in a number of industries where the common denominator is that they somehow have to deal with or relate to wild animals.
– ”Through our participation in the Forest Business Accelerator, we have taken on the forestry industry because we see that it is an industry where we can create enormous climate value,” says Sára Nožková, CEO and co-founder of FLOX Robotics.  

The technology they developed can identify different animal species and tailor signals to scare animals away from areas such as new plantings or train tracks. The technology is contained in a small device that can be attached to stationary devices, drones or trains.  

– ”If the device is attached to a drone, it is possible to use algorithms that give the drone the ability to herd large groups of animals and direct them where to go,” says Sára Nožková. 

FLOX Robotics designs, develops and distributes these autonomous technologies and the response has been great. The technology is suitable for airports and train tracks, for example. In Boliden’s mine in Västerbotten, Sweden, the technology prevents wild animals from entering the mine and injuring themselves.  

– We also help the City of Stockholm where our technology keeps geese away from beaches,” says Sára Nožková. 


But when it comes to climate benefits, the figures for the forestry sector stand out. The current production of bioenergy from forests and agriculture is not enough to meet Sweden’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030.  

– With our technology, the production area of fast-growing deciduous trees such as hybrid aspen and poplar could be expanded, as these trees are sensitive to wildlife damage. These trees produce biomass quickly and act as effective carbon sinks,” says Sára Nožková. 

In Sweden, there is potential to establish fast-growing deciduous trees on about 1.8 million hectares, which corresponds to 4% of Sweden’s total area. Such establishment would lead to a biomass production corresponding to about 25-38% of Sweden’s total energy use.  

Hybrid aspen would also bind significantly more carbon dioxide compared to red spruce, which is the dominant species today. On 1.8 million hectares, spruce binds about 18 million tons of CO2, while hybrid aspen binds about 45 million tons of CO2. 

FLOX Robotics technology would also bring economic benefits to the forestry industry. The average economic loss each year for wildlife damage currently amounts to SEK 1.4 billion. 

– Creating environmental values is very important for us. We focus on three values: economic benefit, climate benefit and biodiversity. In the forest context, we achieve all three,” says Sára Nožková. 


FLOX Robotics has just completed the Forest Business Accelerator. An intensive business development program for startups with innovations that in some way create value for the forest industry. The program is run by BizMaker and its partners SCARISE and IBM.  

– I am pleasantly surprised by the concrete help we have received. It has been a bit unclear how we should approach the forestry industry, but now all doors have been opened and everything feels easy and smooth,” says Sára Nožková. 

The program has provided them with contacts to large forestry companies in Sweden, but above all they have been able to develop their technology so that it works in a forestry context. The plan is to test the adapted technology at the end of the year through a collaboration with the forestry company Holmen and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Sára Nožkovás highlights the help from RISE as particularly important.  

– We have looked at different financing solutions for their next development step and helped them with the application. They have also received help from our bioeconomy experts,” says Leif Lyckebäck, RISE. 


FLOX Robotics’ vision is to be established in twenty years as a leader in wildlife management, whether in forestry, airports or beaches. Wherever humans need to coexist with animals. 

– FLOX Robotics has enormous potential, and a successful adaptation of their technical solution for use in forestry could offer the opportunity to combine both increased forest growth and increased biodiversity on a large scale and in a cost-effective way, which is in many ways unique,” says Leif Lyckebäck. 

Read the full PR here: Unique technology can control and herd wild animals – Bizmaker

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