Helping humans and wildlife coexist.

We turn what was previously a human-wildlife conflict to a new way of managing and protecting natural resources in shared landscapes.


Customer Cases

70% natural decrease of wildlife after only one month at Ekolsund Slott

Protecting vineyards against starlings in Southern Sweden

100% efficiency on saved baby deer before harvest at Fallnäs Gård

Elk and deer kept away from Nelson & Silver Creek Farms

Wild boars and deer management in Södermanland

Reindeer Management in Northern Sweden


We provide a range of solutions that benefit both the animals and local human communities based on the level of your engagement and the area you would like to cover to coexist with wildlife.

Know everything about wildlife in your area

Take the guess work out of wildlife inventory assessment. Including wildlife species and behavior patterns.

Accurate, reliable, and repeatable wildlife management

Our drones achieve the same result time after time. They give you a precise and accurate understanding of wildlife in your area that everyone can trust. We guide animals away from areas that need to be protected 24/7.

Advanced AI back-end software

The drone data is analyzed by our powerful AI system. Harnessing the extreme computational power of the cloud to optimize your natural resources and maximize profitability.

See FLOX in action


Easy set up & maintenance

We set up the system for you on site

Simple recurring automatic use

Our drones are reliable and automatic and do not require manual piloting

Effective protection

The combination of an automatic drone combined with AI and signals tailor-made to the various species makes our solution the most effective on the market.


Cover large areas with a click on a button. Get information about everything that happens in your field in our app anytime, anywhere.

Increase production and learn your impact

We analyze the impact of our system and estimate how much money and CO2 you have spared by maximizing the production

How it Works

01. Set drone in the field

Place the drone system in the field that should be protected against wildlife

02. Choose flying route and flight times

Set desired flight routes and times to keep wildlife away from the area

03. Launch the drone

Press start and let the drone do the job automatically

Our offer


We fly the drone for you

  • Our expert fieldworkers come to you.
  • We do your field setup and route planning based on the wildlife problems.
  • We also do your field inventory and planning using our autonomous drones and AI.
  • You get both results and can see the added value that our tech provides.




You fly the drone yourself

  • We show your fieldworkers how to use the system with the push of a button.
  • Your staff gets hands on with the drones.
  • Thanks to advanced sensors and AI, the drone is automatic.
  • No human piloting required, only surveillance.
  • We work together towards the possibility of long-term collaboration.
  • Your team can rent one drone, or a fleet of drones.



We’re always looking for top talent to join our team, or interesting projects where our technologies can help. You can reach out to us by e-mailing to [email protected]

Sara Nozkova

CEO | Co-founder

Matteo Tadiello

AI & Automation | Co-founder

Marco Moletta

Robotics | Co-founder

Daniel Bergström

Embedded Systems

Hansini Vithanage


Magnus Isenberg

Growth & Sales

Our mission

Today, we live in highly transformed landscape in a planet with a biodiversity crisis. Around the world, as human population continues to expand, and natural wild places are reduced, people and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food.


It might be wild boars destroying crops in Sweden, elephants in India eating pineapples, European bears and wolves killing livestock or elk collisions with trains in Norway. The problem is universal and is bad news for all concerned. The impacts are worth billions and increasing each year due to climate change and deforestation. People lose their crops and livestock and therefore a source of income and food security, property, and sometimes their lives. The animals, some of which are already threatened or even endangered, are sometimes killed in retaliation or to prevent future conflicts. The effects of climate change are expected to make the problem worse if we do not act now.


We need new solutions for proactive conservation to prevent habitat losses to agricultural expansion. In recent years, the expansion of agricultural lands into areas rich in biodiversity has led to a conservation dilemma between the need for food security for an expanding human population and the goal of conserving species and habitat to curb biodiversity loss.

  • Farmland expansion is a significant risk to our planet’s health
  • This has already come at a huge cost to the planet’s biodiversity. In the last 50,000 years – and as humans settled in regions around the world – wild mammal biomass has declined by 85%.


87.7% of species are projected to lose habitat to agricultural expansion by 2050 – with 1,280 species projected to lose ≥25% of their habitat. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), if current trends hold, by 2050 the world’s arable land will increase by some 70 million hectares, and much of the new farmland will be on areas that are currently forested.” The projected loss of millions of square kilometres of natural ecosystems to meet future demand for food, animal feed, fibre and bioenergy crops is likely to massively escalate threats to wildlife and biodiversity and functioning of remaining natural ecosystems.


Our mission is to provide new ways to coexist with wildlife in a variety of shared landscapes


FLOX started no longer after seeing the human-wildlife conflict and damages caused by wild animals with our own eyes in the farms of our relatives. We decided to start Flox in order to support stakeholders in the areas of agriculture, forestry and infrastructure that want to adopt sustainable, cost-effective solutions for coexistence with wildlife that leads to everything from increased agricultural production by preventing food loss to collision avoidance with vehicles.


We are on a mission to restore the balance and provide mutually-beneficial solutions that benefit both the animals and local human communities. Using Flox results in saved costs, increased yields and local value capture for a variety of stakeholders. We help you to sustain certain human livelihoods and preserve particular species at the same timeWe started off in 2020 and since then we have developed, tested and validated our solution together with various stakeholders and researchers all over Europe and Northern US.

  • Feeding a growing population by maximizing production
  • Preventing further human expansion to wildlands
  • Coexisting with wildlife in animal-friendly way


Prices & Nominations

  • The 5 Top Drone Startups To Watch Globally in 2022 by StartUs Insights
  • CEO Sara Nozkova amongst Top 10 innovative entrepreneurs by ÅFors Foundation
  • Founders featured on the “Årets 103 unga idéer 2022” list by Företagarna
  • SKAPA innovation prize winner in Stockholm County 2022
  • Prince Daniel Fellowship award nominee
  •  CEO Sara Nozkova amongst nominees for “Årets Nybyggare 2022” by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf
  •  Top Swedish tech startups & scaleups founded and led by women by Swedish Tech News
  • Top 6 Impact Startups within animal welfare by Impact Shakers
  • “World’s Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEOs of 2023” by Technology Innovators Magazine

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