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Wildlife Protection with FLOXFixed Subscription

Subscribe to FLOXFixed, our revolutionary stationary wildlife management service. Utilizing AI and machine learning, it effectively deters a wide range of animal species from sensitive areas, ensuring humane and tailored protection.
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No Geese as a service

Is your municipality dealing with geese and other birds causing litter issues at public beaches? Our innovative system, employing specially designed drones and stationary units, effectively scares away geese and other birds. Get ready for the summer season of 2024 with our No Geese service, assisting communities in maintaining clean and enjoyable beach experiences.

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FLOXDrone Subscription

Elevate wildlife management with FLOXdrone subscription. Enjoy using a dock-based drone with autonomous patrolling day and night, driven by cutting-edge AI. Our drones identify animal species and apply tailored repelling signals in real time, guiding wildlife away from sensitive areas. Stay informed through our web app, receiving detailed wildlife reports with statistics and predictions.