Sebastian Wallman joins FLOX as Chief Technology Officer

Published: February 14, 2023

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Feb. 14, 2023 (PRESS RELEASE)FLOX announced today that Sebastian Wallman has been appointed as the new Chief Technology officer (CTO).


 “I am really excited to become part of FLOX, a company with a clear goal to help wildlife and humans to coexist. I strongly believe in working for a better planet, on a small or large scale, and using the latest knowledge and technology to create sustainable solutions for existing problems. The FLOX system is a perfect example of that, and it has a huge potential worldwide” Sebastian Wallman, FLOX CTO.


Sebastian began his career as software developer and embedded systems engineer with focus on automation technologies, working in numerous technology and product development leadership roles in companies such as Danaher Motion, Mecel and GKN Aerospace Sweden. Sebastian is a seasoned technology and department manager, currently heading autonomous driving solutions at T-engineering, a company developing control systems for vehicles. Sebastian was also the CEO & Co-founder of a drone-based company FlyPulse AB, whose software technology stack was acquired by FLOX in June 2021.


“Sebastian has a unique combination of both strong engineering skills and incredible ability to motivate teams, matched with a strong entrepreneurial background. He brings extensive experience and expertise in product development to FLOX, which will help us to further enhance and improve our product and solutions portfolio. Sebastian will be a great asset for the entire business of FLOX going forward.” – Sara Nozkova, FLOX CEO & Co-founder.





The FLOX’s Mission – Helping humans and wildlife coexist.

FLOX is turning what was previously a human-wildlife conflict to a new way of managing and protecting natural resources in shared landscapes such as agriculture, young forests, reforestation areas, airports and railways. We prevent agricultural expansion into natural wildlife habitats and avoid collisions with wildlife.