FLOX Robotics Expands Team With Magnus Isenberg To Focus on Growth & Sales

Published: February 24, 2022


FLOX Robotics today announced that it has added Magnus Isenberg to the team to help fuel sales growth and ensure customer satisfaction along-side FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova and CMO Joon Knapen, as the company is preparing to enter in the coming months the commercial test phase introducing its Hugin autonomous drone and Oden base station to repel wildlife from cultivated lands at various landowners and farmers.


“I am excited to welcome Magnus, a seasoned sales leader with a broad range of experience at AI technology companies, to help us build the sales and customer satisfaction functions at FLOX,” said Nozkova. “Magnus has a strong track-record of bringing AI, that solves important real-world problems, to market, so if you consider where FLOX currently is, the fit is truly impeccable.”


Isenberg has been working in the AI space since the early years of this century. He has been engaging with startups in a variety of capacities, including as founder, advisor and investor; the most recent example being boappa.com that was acquired by SBAB in 2021. Isenberg also manages modulai.io, a Sweden based machine learning agency.


“What inspires me is that FLOX has a very distinct and innovative solution that can help reduce the loss of crops, among other fascinating potential use-cases,” Isenberg said. “I believe that technology will play an increasingly important role in solving some of the biggest challenges, for instance how we can drive down food loss, and help us all create a more sustainable future.”