Flox Robotics Expands Team with Animal Scientist Simone Vaianella

Published: January 20, 2022

Flox Robotics today announced that it has added Animal Scientist Simone Vaianella to its Team. Vaianella, who has now become Flox’ fifth employee, was already with Flox as an intern since 2021, and has been instrumental in co-inventing Flox’ innovative ultrasound wildlife repellent system.


“As we are readying our solution for official market introduction in 2022, one of our priorities has been to see where we need to quickly build and scale some critical additional functions that are needed to make this break-through year as successful as it can be,” said Flox CEO Sara Nozkova. “With Simone’s addition, we are making a great start to 2022 – there will be more to come on this front. So stay tuned.”


Vaianella – with a background in Natural Sciences, Behavioral Monitoring and Wildlife Management – will lead Flox’ animal science-related projects and activities, focusing on helping Flox reimagine solutions that help solve the ever-increasing Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC). 


“Joining Flox now officially as an employee is amazing,” Vaianella said. “Being able to work on the ultrasound repellent solution from concepting and first tests last year… to further improvements and deployments this year, is a real testament to how serious Flox is taking its mission: ‘Coexistence with Wildlife. Reimagined.’ That mission really is also my mission, and I’m convinced that we can deliver on this with what we have in store.”


Vaianella is specialized in animal biology, behavioral studies, ecological surveys and natural reports, and holds a degree in Science and Technology for the Environment & Nature from the University of Genoa, and is majoring in Animal Science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.