FLOX Expands Team This Summer With Three Interns for Sustainability and Business Development

Published: July 13, 2022

FLOX today announced that it has added for this summer Sigrid Wikell, Hanna Pintér and Albin Erlander to the team, helping FLOX advance its activities in Sustainability and Business Development. “Being able to attract such multi-talented individuals such as Sigrid, Hanna and Albin dedicated to help FLOX add depth of research to these critical topics brings me tremendous joy,” said FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova. “With FLOX currently in pre-seed stage, it makes a world of difference to have them intern with us this summer.”


Wikell is a student from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm where she currently studies Energy and Environment; she will start her Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering this Autumn. Wikell joins as FLOX’s sustainability intern looking at the impact of FLOX’s Oden-Hugin-1 (OH-1) solution and analyze the environmental benefits, including calculations on saved carbon dioxide emissions. “I love problem-solving, and solving a crisis like climate change is the ultimate problem-solving challenge,” Wikell said. “I feel like every person and company has a large responsibility to take to prevent climate change and it has to be done now.”


Pintér and Erlander join FLOX as business development interns, conducting market research in how the company can best expand its sales pipeline in both key regions where FLOX has started the initial commercial test phase with the first customers in 2022: the Nordics and Northern USA regions. The aim of both interns is also to provide deeper insights how FLOX could further adapt its solution and go-to-market approach. 


Pintér, who finished her Business Administration at the Budapest Business School in Hungary, said: “I really like that FLOX is focused on coexisting with wild animals and saving food; that way both animals and humans benefit.” Erlander currently studies Industrial Engineering and Management at the Lund University, Faculty of Engineering (LTH), geared towards system and software development and specializing in software intensive systems. “I really like the variation this summer internship offers me at FLOX,” Erlander said. “I was quite surprised at how large the problem of wildlife damages is; I think FLOX’s service is a really clever solution.”


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