FLOX CEO Sára Nožková To Present at Sweden FoodTech’s #BigMeet2022

Published: May 26, 2022

Sweden Foodtech are bringing together some of the world’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, chefs, and other movers and shakers of the future of food bonanza, and we are delighted that FLOX CEO Sára Nožková will be one of the speakers at this amazing event that runs from June 1 to 3 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Sára at Sweden FoodTech’s Big Meet 2022 will delve into the topic of the importance of food preservation – especially in today’s world with a huge part of the food (supply) chain currently in shambles. She will specifically address the issue of how we can use advanced technology to prevent harvest from #farmers and #landowners to be eaten by wildlife. Just in Europe alone ~40% of crop output is currently lost to wildlife.


If you are interested in speaking with Sára at the event to learn more about how FLOX’s OH-1 solution provides a bright, new animal-friendly way to prevent crops from being eaten by wildlife, just ping us at [email protected] and we will pre-schedule a meeting for you with Sára. We hope to see you there!