Impact Loop: FLOX Robotics Welcomes Rikard Steiber as New Advisor and Investor

Flox Robotics Welcomes Rikard Steiber as New Advisor and Investor

Autonomous wildlife management technology company Flox Robotics has announced the addition of Rikard Steiber as their new advisor and investor. Rikard Steiber is also an angel investor and advisor for companies such as the Swedish unicorn company Einride, Jetson, and Elonroad.

Johann Bernövall, Editor and Reporter

Flox Robotics has developed a system that helps airports avoid bird strikes and prevents trains from colliding with animals like moose and deer. Their technology is also used to protect crops from wild boars and other wild animals, a service they call Wildlife Management as a Service (WMaaS).

In March, Impact Loop reported that the company had secured three new owners in a funding round, with E4 Invest II, Almi Invest, and Argand Partners investing in the company.

Now, USA-based Rikard Steiber joins the company both as an investor and advisor. Flox Robotics has not disclosed the size of his investment.

Targeting the USA

In the USA, Flox Robotics will participate in the global TGV competition, taking place in the Bay Area on May 28. During the competition, Rikard Steiber, along with the founders, will engage potential customers and investors as part of their upcoming funding round.

The company was founded in 2020 by Sara Nozkova, Matteo Tadiello, and Marco Moletta. Sara Nozkova is currently the CEO of the company.

”Everything Rikard has done for companies like Einride to establish them in the USA will be our focus with him. He will be quite ’hands-on.’ We have met him many times in Silicon Valley and are now looking towards that market with the network he has there,” says Sara Nozkova to Impact Loop.

In fact, the company already has some operations in the country.

”We are going to conduct a proof of concept with an airport in the Bay Area in Silicon Valley, which we cannot yet disclose. We are also in contact with several other transportation operators in the country, and the plan is to start signing contracts with them. We are now looking for more investors in the current round and want to reach out to cleantech VCs in both Europe and the USA.”

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