Newsletter September 2021

  • Sunday, Oct 3, 2021

Flox Robotics Takes The Next Step Towards Autonomous Drone Solution That Successfully Manages Human-Wildlife Conflict by Acquiring Drone Fleet Management System of FlyPulse AB

We are delighted to announce that Flox Robotics has acquired FlyPulse AB’s drone fleet software stack, unlocking the ability to control multiple drone fleets at multiple farms simultaneously. “This acquisition allows us at Flox to cut down our software development time significantly, building on top of the work that FlyPulse already started in 2017, and enables us to tick the box on important legal prerequisites for scale up,” said Sara Nozkova, CEO of Flox. “Upon reaching the final stage of development, Flox will be able to operate multiple, automated, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone fleets simultaneously at different farms and fields, empowering us to ramp up our capability and meet the increasing demands from our expanding customer base.”

Read more here: Flox Robotics Takes The Next Step Towards Autonomous Drone Solution That Successfully Manages Human-Wildlife Conflict

Flox joins Sting, Recognized as the Best Accelerator in the Nordics

After graduating from KTH Innovation pre-incubator program in spring and being part of the Kiuas accelerator during summer, we are now excited to take the next step by joining the prestigious Sting deep tech incubator with a strong track record of portfolio companies such as Yubico, Airmee, and Sellpy. Together with experienced coaches within sustaintech and deep tech, we look forward to join forces with Sting and take Flox to new heights!

Flox selected as one of sustaintech startups at Ignite Sustaintech Day

On September 15, Flox was selected to participate in this matchmaking event where corporates and public organizations meet startups demonstrating solutions in the fields of energy and sustainability, organized by Ignite Sweden. IBM, ABB, Alfa Laval, Boliden, Coor, E.ON, Ingka, IHI Corporation, and Vattenfall were amongst the participating corporations.

Read more about the event here: Ignite Sustaintech | Ignite Sweden – Innovation is crucial.

Flox represents Sweden at the Global Value Creation Forum led by the founder of Siri

Flox was selected by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova to represent Sweden at the Global Collaboration Value Creation Forum led by Curt Carlson, Ph.D., former president and CEO of SRI International, where he created new marketplace assets such as Siri, an SRI spin-off company that Steve Jobs acquired as the foundation of Apple’s speech-recognition software. This was a great opportunity for Flox to discuss development, use of innovation best practices, and global competitiveness together with other promising startups SBQuantum (Canada), Flambu (Israel), Zigtal (Australia), Helix (China) and Rock the Bike (USA).

Flox in media

In September, you might have read about us in various analyst & media outlets.

Product Development Update

September has been a great month for the tech development in Flox.
While the development of the weather-proof charging station is proceeding, we are also improving the autonomous navigation algorithm of our drones. A new version of our AI allows us to track the animals moving in the field. But most importantly, we are very excited to introduce the first version of the Flox App!
In this version, we focused on providing our customers all the information that they need in a simple but effective way.
That’s why on the home page you are able to directly see the status of the drone and if everything is working properly. The most interesting part is the map, where you can visualize all the encounters that the Flox system had with animals in your field.
Every encounter will be added to your map so that you c_an_ see which and where the animals have been initially spotted.
For every encounter, you can zoom in and have further information about the animal species.