Newsletter June 2021


A short update of the development done during June!

Call for action

Use Flox drones to reduce mortality of roe deer fawns before harvest

We are now looking for farmers who would like to use the Flox technology to screen their fields for deer fawns before harvest, when the young fawns are most vulnerable. About 30%-40% of fawns are estimated to get killed by machines in Sweden today. Our approach develops and innovates the methods previously used in various European innovation projects. Contact us if you would like to use Flox in your community!

Summer Demonstration

We are preparing for a number of demonstrations of our fully autonomous service all around Sweden this summer for both Early Adopters and key industry stakeholders, amongst others The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF), The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies (Hushållningssällskapet), the agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture Lantmännen, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and The innovation center for rural areas.

Flox at events

You might have seen us at various events this spring. We were one of the competitively selected high-growth potential emerging companies presenting at Agri Tech Venture Forum, an annual event for global ag tech leaders. We also participated in a roundtable discussion as a part of the DI Impact Summit alongside other impact companies solving global problems.

Development updates

The agricultural season has began, which means plenty of large animals on fields and extensive tests of our services. Since autumn last year, we have been testing both with a permanent installation as well as conducting various successful autonomous flights which show high level of efficiency. We have also an ongoing collaboration with legal experts in order to enable our drones to fly beyond visual line of sight later this year.

Thermal Boar

Extensive field tests

We are performing tests of the various autonomous components that will be used in our commercial solution. In particular, we are working on how to provide a simple and effective patrolling system that will detect the animals and notify our customer about what's happening in the field. Our autonomous drone can focus on a specific area or have an overview of the entire field, allowing the farmer to decide what is best for their cultivation.

Ultrasounds progress

The research on efficient repelling approaches is one of our main focus areas at the moment. We aim to provide a solution that does not harm the animals, but at the same time remains efficient long- term. Right now, we are focusing on wild boars and deer, and we are planning to test the efficiency in the long period during summer. This will allow us to understand how the animals react to Flox during longer time periods, and we will use this information to increase the efficiency of our repelling methods in time for next season.

Want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact our CEO Sara Nozkova at